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About Halloween (2018)

Halloween is an upcoming American slasher film directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green, Jeff Fradley and Danny McBride. It is the eleventh installment of the Halloween franchise, and is a direct continuation of the 1978 film of the same name, without taking into account the continuity of the previous sequels. [7] After failing to develop a new Halloween movie on time, Dimension Films lost the film rights, which was later won by Blumhouse Productions, with the participation of John Carpenter. Carpenter, co-creator of the original Halloween, works as a composer, executive producer and creative advisor of the film.



Set forty years after the original film, Laurie Strode comes face to face with Michael Myers for a final showdown on Halloween night. Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle reprise their roles as Strode and Myers, respectively, with double James Jude Courtney playing Myers. The film also stars Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton and Virginia Gardner.

The main photography began on January 13, 2018 in South Carolina and concluded on February 19, 2018. The film will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and will premiere on October 19, 2018, one week before of the 40th anniversary of John Carpenter’s original Halloween.

It’s been 40 years since Laurie Strode survived a fierce attack by the crazed killer Michael Myers on Halloween night. Now he faces a frightening confrontation when Michael returns to Haddonfield, Illinois. But this time, Laurie is ready for him.

Initial release: October 19, 2018 (USA)

Director: David Gordon Green

Film series: Halloween

Producers: Malek Akkad, Jason Blum, Bill Block

Screenplay: Danny McBride, David Gordon Green, Jeff Fradley

Halloween (2018) online news

Halloween gets a new poster; Trailer # 2 arrives

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A new poster for Halloween by David Gordon Green has been revealed before the release of the second trailer, which will arrive tomorrow. Forty years after the Michael Myers murder spree on Halloween by John Carpenter and nine after the replay of Rob Zombie on Halloween II, comes the eleventh installment of the Halloween franchise that aims to rewrite everything we’ve come to know about Myers and company.


Jamie Lee Curtis cast of Halloween
Jamie Lee Curtis

The next Halloween movie brings together the killer Michael Myers (played by Nick Castle and Jude Courtney) and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in a story that ignores all the sequels and remakes, making it a direct continuation of the original movie of Carpenter The first Halloween preview was released in June, and a little over a month before the release date of the film, a new poster has been revealed before the arrival of a new trailer.


Through his Twitter, Jamie Lee Curtis shared a new poster with his character, Laurie Strode, with Michael Myers lurking in the background, and the slogan “Face Your Fate”. Along with the poster, Curtis confirmed that a new trailer will arrive tomorrow (September 5). You can have a look at the poster below.

As mentioned above, Halloween is a direct continuation of the original film, which means that Michael and Laurie are not related, although that detail will still be addressed. As seen in the first trailer, the “brother and sister” turn will be treated as a myth spread by the media after Michael’s crimes. Next to them in this story will be Karen (Judy Greer) and Allyson (Andi Marichak), daughter and granddaughter of Laurie, respectively.

  • The first trailer took the fans back to Haddonfield and he took a quick look at what Laurie has been doing after all these years, while also giving some winks to the original Halloween, like the scene with the asylum inmates in the middle of the road, reminiscent of one of the first scenes in the 1978 film. The trailer also shows that, after receiving multiple shots by Dr.
  • Loomis and presumably killed, Michael was finally captured and now lives in a madhouse.
  • Although the trailer was full of details, it still did not give much, something that fans really appreciate.
  • During their panel at this year’s SDCC, the Halloween team shared some images showing Michael Myers killing at random, so I hope some parts of this footage will be included in the new trailer, while keeping the mystery behind the scenes. Michael’s motives (if any)


Judy Greer casst of Halloween
Judy Greer
  • The original Michael Myers actor, Nick Castle, is back on the next Halloween restart, which actually serves as a true sequel to the first movie. When the news was announced, many believed that he was playing The Shape throughout the film.
  • It was later revealed that James Jude Courtney really does most of the heavy lifting on the mask and the blue jumpsuit. Castle only has one scene on Halloween, but it’s important.
  • In a new interview, Castle, who is 70, revealed that he only has a minor cameo like Michael Myers in the next October release. His only scene is key, however, as it is the first time Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) sees The Shape.
  • And when he sees it, the actor manages to bring back an iconic moment from John Carpenter’s original.

Earlier this week, a new Halloween picture of David Gordon Green was released online, featuring Michael Myers recreating his iconic tilt of the head of the first film. Nick Castle explains that he made this new version of the head tilting scene, which adds an additional layer of detail. Castle explained how the new tilt scene of the head came together. In the first installment, Myers kills a child and steps back to examine what he has just done, which is where he tilts his head. That particular scene has stayed with terror fans for decades. Nick Castle says this about re-enacting the iconic moment.


A fan has reissued the Blumhouse’s Halloween trailer in a retro TV spot. Despite being technically the eleventh inning of the series, the new Halloween will be a continuation of the 1978 original only. The continuity of Halloween has become increasingly entangled over the years, involving multiple deaths and resurrections of key characters, an evil cult, a couple of new versions and Michael Myers losing in a fist fight with Busta Rhymes.

While the new Halloween originally tried to include as much of the sequels as possible, co-writers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride soon discovered that this was an almost impossible task. Instead, they chose to do a direct continuation that honored the original, bringing Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode back to face Michael one last time, and undoing controversial twists as the two revealing themselves as brothers. The film also brought key players such as Nick Castle, who played Michael Myers in the original, and the creator John Carpenter, who will compose the score of the film.

N., Castle. E cast of Halloween
N., Castle. E


The new Halloween will have a decidedly retro feel and was shot on a tight schedule with a modest budget, just like the original one. Much has been said about the effort of the new sequel to adapt to the style of the first entry, and now a YouTube channel called VideoArchiveProject has released a fan trailer that publishes images of the film in a retro promotion. To get the full effect, it comes complete with a grainy vintage look and audio from a 1981 promotion that reports that the original Halloween is used as a voiceover.

Halloween is one of the most anticipated horror films of 2018, and the reaction to its first breakthrough was overwhelmingly positive. While some fans are a bit annoyed by the new movie that ignores everything that happened after the 1978 movie, it has unleashed the increasingly convoluted mythology story. Halloween 2018 will also pay tribute to the other sequels in the form of Easter eggs throughout the film.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Halloween series after the release of the latest sequel. According to all reports, it will be a unique and ready project for the talent involved, leading to speculation that it could kill Michael Myers once and for all. That said, Danny McBride released two sequels when he discussed the project for the first time, so Michael may live to stalk another day.


The Halloween of David Gordon Green brought John Carpenter back to the legendary franchise along with Jamie Lee Curtis, who is repeating his role as Laurie Strode. In addition, Green was able to bring the original Michael Myers, aka “The Shape”, the actor Nick Castle to the fold. In a new photo, Castle can be seen with a can of Dr. Pepper, recreating a classic moment from the set of the original movie of 1978. Hopefully the actor / writer has won more than $ 25 per day this time.

During some downtime on the Halloween set, Nick Castle recreated the iconic image of Michael Myers Dr. Pepper, holding a can of soda on the lips of the mask. The image has always been popular among fans of horror over the years, so it’s worth taking a look at Castle’s faithful recreation of the classic photo. It seems that Dr. Pepper is the favorite drink for the Halloween franchise, or at least, one of Nick Castle’s favorites.

Nick Castle just filmed select sequences like Michael Myers on Halloween. Actor James Jude Courtney played “The Shape” for the action sequences and most of the movie. After completing the main photograph, Castle talked about the similarities between the new film and the original, and noted that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride wanted to attack the project the way John Carpenter would have done it. In addition to talking about the neighborhood aspect of both films, Castle also talked about the Halloween feeling of 2018 compared to the original. He had this to say.


Andi Matichak cast of Halloween
Andi Matichak

“There are many coincidental things (in the new movie) that seem like ingenious ways of introducing a kind of deja vu of the first, without feeling that it is being copied, the script had some very intelligent people working on it.”
The new Halloween set photo follows the release of a new image of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode from the film. In the last image of Strode, it can be seen preparing some weapons, waiting for the return of Michael Myers. The image is a bit different from what we would normally see for the character, since it looks more like Sarah Connor from Terminator 2: Judgment Day getting ready to fight the T-1000. Laurie Strode has been preparing for this moment for the last 40 years on Halloween, like Michael Myers, and both are ready for what will be their final encounter.

Halloween is getting ready to hit theaters on October 19th. Hardcore fans have been tired of the sequel, but now the movie has a healthy buzz after more promotional material has been released. However, David Gordon Green and Blumhouse are waiting to see how the film develops before talking about a possible second part.

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While we wait for Halloween 2018 to hit theaters, you can see the iconic recreation of Nick Castle below, thanks to the Horror Flicks Twitter account.

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