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Amber’s ideal life is shattered when she loses her husband in the Afghanistan war. Two years later, she is in a struggle to save her home while providing her daughter Bree, 9 years old. When the emerging racing driver Cody Jackson arrives in the city, Amber and Bree are involved in the pedal of life. With her faith hanging in the balance, Amber is forced to decide between the broken path she knows so well or to trust in a new path that God has provided.


God Bless the Broken Road

Initial release: September 7, 2018 (USA)

Director: Harold Cronk

Cinematography: Philip Roy

Producers: Harold Cronk, Edgar Struble, Stephen Afendoulis

Screenplay: Harold Cronk, Jennifer Dornbush

God Bless the Broken Road (2018) online news

Good intentions and a diverse cast are not enough to save ‘God Bless the Broken Road’


“God Bless the Broken Road,” named after a song made famous by Rascal Flatts, is a faith-based and well-intentioned drama. But good intentions and a diverse cast are not enough to spread the gospel beyond the cinephiles already invested in God (and country music and NASCAR). And it is unfortunate that the tribute to veterans that is so part of the marketing of the film turns out to be little more than a framing that does away with most of the plot.

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Set in a small town in Kentucky, the film revolves around Amber (Lindsay Pulsipher from “True Blood”), whose angelic voice used to lead the church choir in devotional songs of the country until she stopped going to church two years ago. years after they killed her husband in Afghanistan. His daughter, Bree (Makenzie Moss), however, maintains the faith, planting a mustard seed, which, as the parable says, grows from small beginnings, just like the kingdom of Heaven.

Andrew W. Walker and Lindsay Pulsipher play a racing driver and an overworked young widow in this faith-based drama. (Freestyle release)


Jordin Sparks cast of God Bless the Broken Road
Jordin Sparks

The young widow struggles to make ends meet, working extra shifts at the local coffee shop and taking loans at a high interest from a pawnshop. He is in danger of losing his home, to the great displeasure of his mother-in-law (Kim Delaney of “NYPD Blue”). Amber considers continuing with his life when he meets Cody (Andrew W. Walker), a race car driver who has his own problems.

Here are powerful themes of doubt and redemption, and character actor Gary Grubbs (“The X Files”) is convincing as Joe, the owner of a car repair shop that teaches “Speed ​​Racer,” as he calls Cody , to reduce the speed when he takes a curve. Ironically, this movie based on faith requires a suspension of disbelief: Joe’s lesson is a fit metaphor for life, of course, but how could Cody have succeeded in the race if he did not know when to stop? The parables of Jesus are instructive because they speak of real struggles, but Cody’s arrogance is pure invention.

Worse yet, extras in group scenes look uncomfortably at the camera, as if director Harold Cronk (“God’s Not Dead”) had not given them any guidance. The filmmakers show technical dexterity (the rhythms of the shots and the elegant camera work suggest an omniscient power that observes attentively to His pupils) and there is a natural drama to see imperfect humans struggle with their beliefs.

But apart from Grubbs’ genuine wisdom, the characters mostly play pawns of inspiration rather than three-dimensional people, their relationships held together by the thinnest threads. “God bless the broken road” plants a seed of evangelical drama, but it is unlikely that his efforts to proselytize will pay off.

  • This morning I was taking a look at my list of future releases, as I do, when I came across a project I did not recognize: God Bless The Broken Road, by Freestyle Releasing.
  • I tried to search Google, but mostly I got videos for a Rascal Flatts song. It turns out that it’s because the movie is based on the song (“Bless The Broken Road”). And God Bless The Broken Road turned out to be one of those films that every time improves more and more the more you learn about it.
  • Here are some facts you should know about God bless the broken road:
  • – According to IMDB’s description, “The film combines elements of faith, country music and stock car racing, while paying homage to those who serve in the US Army.
  •  It’s the best thing I’ve read in my life. I hope the premiere includes a flyby with a drone gun.
Kim Delaney cast of God Bless the Broken Road
Kim Delaney
  • – It was directed by Harold Cronk, the director of God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2 (yes, actually I saw it).
  • – The movie was based on a song by Rascal Flatts. OK, technically, “Bless This Broken Road” was first recorded by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1994, but the Rascal Flatts version is the highest. You can read the lyrics here. I am going to take a false step and say that in this version, the ambiguous “you” is the Lord.
  • Technically, it is not the first film based on a song, although none of them seems especially known. Did you know that there was a Chinese movie based on “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga?

– God Bless The Broken Road stars former San Diego Chargers runner LaDainian Tomlinson.

– LaDainian Tomlinson gets the first lines of the trailer.

– Act … more or less what you expect from an NFL member.

– The initial shots of the trailer also include a tambourine that falls dramatically in slow motion.

– Cameos by Jordin Sparks and Robin Givens

Finally, a movie that respects God, troops, country music and NASCAR! It reminds me of the time I slapped my big stepson Braydin because he did not take off his Fox Racing hat when Officer Dale Jr. Camaro passed. Pray to the McMansion, son, in this house we respect the developers.

God Bless The Broken Road opens on September 7, presumably because someone was able to talk to them on September 11. Suffice it to say, I can not wait. Where would America be without shameless peddlers? Press F to pay your respects to everyone. For ever and ever, amen.


The director of God’s Not Dead, Harold Cronk, has released another trailer for his latest film, God Bless the Broken Road, of which The Hollywood Reporter debuts exclusively at the top.

In the film, a young mother (True Blood and Hatfields and McCoys ‘Lindsay Pulsipher) struggles to maintain her faith while raising her daughter (Steve Jobs’ Makenzie Moss) in the wake of her husband’s death in Afghanistan.

In the preview, you hear your character say, “I tried to put my faith in God, I do not understand why he would do that to us, if he loves me, he knows where to find me.”


Lindsay Pulsipher cast of Lindsay Pulsipher
Lindsay Pulsipher

Meanwhile, her daughter is convinced that a mustard seed she planted in Sunday school will grow up and meet one of the men she served with her husband (played by Arthur Cartwright), who tells her that her husband’s faith “It gave him courage to make impossible.”

The cast also includes former NFL star LaDainian Tomlinson, Kim Delaney, Jordin Sparks and Andrew W. Walker.

The film, produced by Andy Fraser, Dustin Solomon, Edgar Struble, Stephen Afendoulis and Gary Lewis, will hit theaters on September 7.

Faith, country music, military appreciation and even stock car racing … this movie has it all. ‘God Bless the Broken Road’ tells the inspiring story of a young mother who loses her husband in Afghanistan and struggles to raise her little daughter in her absence. Through her Christian faith and the help of her friends, she finds the courage to heal. The film focuses on the importance of faith, family and friends, while paying homage to those who serve in the United States military with an emphasis on the importance of the Christian community.

The film is directed by Harold Cronk (God’s Not Dead, God’s Not Dead 2) and starring Lindsay Pulsipher (True Blood, The Hatfields & Mccoys), Andrew W. Walker (Date with Love, Steel Toes), Jordin Sparks (Sparkle, Left Behind), LaDainian “LT” Tomlinson (NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame, NFL Network Analyst), Makenzie Moss (Steve Jobs), Kim Delaney (Army Wives, NYPD Blue) and Robin Givens (Riverdale).

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Madeline Carroll cast of God Bless the Broken Road
Madeline Carroll

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